You can now control your Android phone with just your eyes - here's how it works

Android users will now be able to perform some functions on their phone using just the movement of their eyes, as an experimental new app goes live.

The new feature, called Look to Speak, will allow users to select words from a list of preselected phrases by moving their eyes in a certain direction.

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The app is available now, and is the latest innovation to come from Google as a way of making interaction between users and devices more intuitive.

How does it work?

After downloading the app, you can use it by looking left, right or up to cycle through and choose from a list of phrases. The list of phrases will gradually narrow down until you’ve found the one you’re looking for, at which point the device will then confirm the selection by reading it aloud.

Users will be able to personalise the list of phrases, so as not to lose their own authentic voice and personality. They will also be able to adjust the sensitivity of the app, which will help to avoid the function impeding on the normal use of the device.

Is the function secure?

Writing in a blog post announcing the app, Google’s Speech and Language Therapist, Richard Cave, said, “All of the data is private and never leaves the phone.”

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He also explained that the app is intended to be used in situations where “communication devices couldn’t easily go - for example, in outdoors, in transit, in the shower and in urgent situations.”

He added, “Now conversations can more easily happen where before there might have been silence, and I’m excited to hear some of them.”

The app is free and available to Android users on Android 9.0 and above, including Android One.

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