You can now buy Percy Pig pancakes - here's what they taste like

Following the release earlier this year of a Percy Pig dessert sauce, Marks and Spencer has now announced a new sweet treat featuring the retailer's beloved character, which is now being served in all M&S cafes nationwide.

For £2, fans of Percy can tuck into pancakes filled with strawberries and cream, and topped with Percy pig sweets, dessert sauce and sprinkles.

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Or, for something a bit more traditional, an option of of pancakes with lemon and sugar or chocolate sauce toppings are available.

What is Percy Pig dessert sauce?

The pink Percy Pig dessert sauce launched in early January and has all the flavours of the sweets, which taste of a mix of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape.

Perfect for adding some colour to ice cream, cupcakes and pancakes, the sauce is suitable for vegetarians - much like the sweets themselves, which changed their recipe last year.