Where is Love Island filmed? Location of the villa - and will it be in Spain this year

This is not a drill.

Love Island 2021 will be airing on ITV from 28 June and this year will bring more sun, necking-on and poolside drama.

Despite concerns we could be watching contestants bask in the not-so-glorious-sunshine of Jersey, ITV bosses have hinted that the show will return to a hotter, foreign climate.

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So, where is the villa, has the location changed this year - and has the interior changed? This is what we know so far.

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Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed?

Love Island will return to Mallorca, the home of Love Island.

Covid restrictions pulled the plug on Love Island 2020, as foreign travel was not permitted for all but essential reasons. The show usually begins in the first week of June, which was at the height of the Covid pandemic last year.

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However, ITV bosses confirmed at the start of the year that Love Island would be back and this week (6 June) Love Island shared the official trailer.

While producers remain tight-lipped about the location, workmen have been seen refurbishing the original villa in Mallorca and sources have made subtle hints at where the singletons could be heading.

ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri told Radio Times: "We haven’t announced anything officially but Mallorca is very much the home of Love Island.

"I can’t confirm anything 100 per cent at this stage but it will definitely be the Love Island viewers know and love.”

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Meanwhile, sources have also stated that the contestants and crew are due to catch a flight to Palma on 20 June.

The villa is located in the San Llorenç des Cardassar, to the East of the Balearic Island.

What is the villa like inside?

While the interior of the villa changes each year, there are a few fundamental aspects to the luxury mansion.

All contestants share a room, with double beds lined in two rows, couples are expected to share a bed with their ‘coupled up’ partner. However, fans of the show will know that goes for nothing, with fall-outs leading to contestants kipping on the couch and some venturing out into the outside bedroom.

That’s right, the villa has an outdoor bedroom.

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The contestants, many of whom are usually Instagram influencers; models and personal trainers, will also top up their tan at the outdoor pool, on the front lawn, at the outdoor workout area or seated round the fire pit.

The fire pit is also where the group congregate to couple up and say their goodbyes to the least successful singletons.

Inside the villa there is a makeup room, open plan kitchen, lounge/living room and a separate ‘hide away’, where couples go for some intimate time away from the group.

Can contestants leave the villa?

In previous series of Love Island, contestants were allowed to leave the villa if going on a date, taking part in a challenge or moving to another villa.

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However, the couples cannot venture out into Mallorca (Majorca) spontaneously. The villa compound is littered with cameras to capture their every move and as such, they can only leave if producers have pre-arranged a date or challenge.

There has been a second villa in the previous series which is introduced later in the season, Casa De Amor. This villa is used to shake up the couples by introducing a handful of new singletons.

What happens at Casa De Amor?

The second villa is usually incorporated for three nights and was introduced in season three.

The boys, who have already coupled up with their prospective partners are sent to the new villa where new ladies await them.

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The boys’ loyalty is put to the test as they spend three days getting to know the newbie, meanwhile the two villas go head to head in challenges.

On day three, a special recoupling takes place, known as ‘stick or twist’.

Will Casa De Amor feature in 2021?

It is not known whether this aspect of the show will feature in 2021.

When is Love Island back on TV?

The seventh series of Love Island will begin on Monday 28 June, at 9pm on ITV2.

Previous series have run for eight weeks, airing every night except Saturdays. A special eviction ceremony episode is shown on Sundays.

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