When is the Love Island final? When the dating reality show finishes and who is tipped to win

Who do you think will win? (Photo: ITV)Who do you think will win? (Photo: ITV)
Who do you think will win? (Photo: ITV)

The winter edition of Love Island has been given a slightly shorter run than its summer counterpart, meaning that this season will shortly be coming to an end.

This is everything you need to know about the final, including who the predicted winners are.

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When’s the final?

The winter Love Island season has been given a confirmed finale date of this Sunday (23 February), with the episode kicking off at its usual time of 9pm on ITV2.

The last episode will follow in the footsteps of previous seasons, meaning it will be longer than its usual one hour slot, instead lasting an extra half hour.

It’s been assumed that Laura Whitmore will follow tradition by making her way into the villa to host the show.

Who is going to win?

At the time of writing, these are the odds that betting site Paddy Power have given the couples going into the finale:

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Luke T and Siannise 4/11Paige and Fin, 11/4Luke M and Demi, 9/2Mike and Priscilla, 50/1Ched and Jess, 50/1

Social media site Twitter has also seen its fair share of users sharing their opinions on who they think will win and how they think the final episode will go down.

Most users have whittled the options down to Paige and Finn and Siannise and Luke T.

“I want Paige and Finn to win 100%, but I still can’t deny that Siannise and Luke T are cute as f***, and their dance routine banged #LoveIsland,” one user wrote.

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Another tweeted: “If Siannese and Luke don’t win #LoveIsland, I’ll be shocked!”

“If Paige and Finn don’t win Love Island, I’m not watching it again,” wrote another.

What do the winners get?

At stake for the Love Island contestants is £50,000, but it’s not as straightforward as winning and collecting a cheque.

There’s a final twist whereby the winning couple are presented with an envelope each. In one envelope is the £50,000 prize money, whereas the other contains absolutely nothing.

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Whoever holds the £50,000 envelope is given the opportunity to either split the money with their partner, making it £25,000 each, or they can steal the entire prize for themselves.

As it stands, none of the winners have ever chosen to take the full amount for themselves.

Do the runners-up win anything?

Unfortunately there is no prize money for the couples in the runner up positions.

However, previous contestants have gone on to have plenty of opportunities and jobs thrown their way, despite not winning the show.

For example, Molly Mae launched a Pretty Little Thing clothing line, Maura competed on Dancing on Ice and Amy Hart landed a job on Loose Women, despite none of them winning the show.