Vodafone is upping broadband prices for hundreds of thousands of customers - see if you are affected

Hundreds of thousands of Vodafone broadband customers will be hit with a price hike in the run up to Christmas, the telecoms giant has announced.

Everyone who signed up for either a Superfast 1 or a Superfast 2 broadband package before 30 June 2019 faces seeing an extra £30 per year added to their bill.

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When will the charges start?

Vodafone, which has more than 500k broadband customers in the UK, said the price increase will begin in December this year.

Superfast 1 customers, who currently pay £20 per month, will be charged £22.50. And Superfast 2 customers, currently paying £25 per month, will have to pay £27.50.

But Vodafone said that if existing customers renew their broadband contract, they will continue to pay their current monthly rate.

What does Vodafone say?

A spokesperson for the company said, “To ensure that we can keep delivering the best service to our customers, we are increasing the price of our home broadband packages by a small amount.

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“We continue to invest in our home broadband service, for example, we have recently introduced Vodafone’s Home Broadband App that lets you pause Wi-Fi and boost or prioritise speeds to devices.

“Plus, we offer our Ultimate Broadband Guarantee – the only guarantee in the industry that promises a minimum sync speed to your router or money off until its fixed.”

More Vodafone price rises

The telecoms company has also announced that calls and texts outside of Europe will soon be hiked.

International rest of world calls, which already cost £2 per minute, will rise to £3 per minute. And international texts are due to be raised by almost 50 per cent - from 35p per text, to 65p.

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