Try these ways to keep cool in a car without air conditioning

Driving on a hot summer's day is unbearable if your car is old and doesn’t have the luxury of air conditioning or you have a vehicle with a faulty unit.

Travelling in hot cars on long journeys can be dangerous as it leaves drivers and their passengers feeling dehydrated and irritable, especially if they are in traffic jams.

Motoring experts have got around the problem by devising ways to keep cool in a car without air conditioning


Parking in shaded areas will help keep a car cool. Under trees or close to tall buildings can be effective but if these are not available then a parked lorry could be just as good.

Dashboard cover

There’s nothing worse than coming back into the car and not being able to touch the steering wheel because it’s too hot. A fabric or upholstered dashboard cover can protect the steering wheel from the heat and save the vinyl from cracking and fading.


On a hot day a car can act in a similar way to a greenhouse, trapping sun and heat. Leaving windows slightly open allows some of the hot air to escape.

Wet cloth

Placing a wet cloth over the middle vent of the dashboard will help cool the air that blows through. Replace regularly and wash after use to prevent mildew.


Solar-powered mini-fans can be bought online for as little as £5 each. These are great as they use the sun to cool the car.

Water bottles

Drivers can wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel and rest it against the seat behind their neck. Not only will this cool the driver down but they can also drink the water when the ice melts.

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