Top 20 things about a perfect night in

The perfect cosy night in includes watching something good on the telly, pizza for dinner – and getting intimate.

Brits also try to create their very own perfect night in as many as 12 times a month – with 79 per cent doing so more in the winter.

Spending quality time with their partner, getting to wear cosy pyjamas and not caring what you look like were other key components to optimum cosiness.

While the study of 2,000 adults found the darkness and cold of the season are the main reasons people are staying in, with 36 per cent also keeping their wits about them due to the new Omicron strain

A spokesperson from Andrews Heat for Hire [], which commissioned the survey, said: “It’s important to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest and the results show many make the effort to have a cosy night in.

“And it’s also shown the components to a perfect night – from having a slice of pizza to cranking up the temperature both metaphorically and in reality.

“However, whatever way you choose to enjoy a cosy night in, being comfortable and warm is a key component.”

Christmas is the time for a cosy night

The study also found more than three quarters tend to have more cosy nights in during the Christmas period – with an average of three snacks bought to munch on.

And of the parents who took part in the survey, 40 per cent would let their kids have a later bedtime to enjoy such an evening.

One in five even treat themselves to a log fire and blankets.

The perfect bedtime for such a night averaged at 10:17pm – with nearly a quarter saying their perfect cosy night in included fun between the sheets.

And other than the heat of passion, 73 per cent will crank up the heating to ensure the conditions were perfect for a comfortable night.

Cosy night in

Favourite things about a cosy night in included being snug indoors when it’s miserable outside, it being more relaxing than a night out – and being able to pause a film when making a cup of tea.

While 46 per cent of those polled via OnePoll said feeling cosy isn’t just confined to the four walls of home, with friends or families' houses, hotels and pubs also seen as pleasant spots to relax.

A spokesperson from Andrews Heat for Hire added: “While it’s always nice to feel warm and cosy at home, it’s always enjoyable to feel it elsewhere, too.

“From walking into a shop and feeling the comforting heating after being outside in the cold to going to a quaint pub or restaurant.

“Either way, the key to being cosy is being snuggly and warm.”

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1.            When it's cold and rainy outside and you’re snug indoors

2.            It’s more relaxing than a night out

3.            Spending time with your partner

4.            Not caring what you look like

5.            When there's a film you really want to watch

6.            Binge watching a TV series

7.            You can wear your cosiest pyjamas

8.            You can pause the movie to make a cup of tea

9.            Ordering a takeaway

10.          You can eat loads of great snacks

11.          Not having to make your way home after midnight

12.          Not spending a fortune on drinks

13.          Catching up on sleep

14.          Enjoying being anti-social

15.          You can pamper yourself

16.          You can get lost in a novel

17.          Soaking in a long bubble bath

18.          You can multi-task (e.g. do laundry and watch TV at the same time)

19.          There’s no queue for the toilet

20.          Eating loads of biscuits

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