This is why you’re being tagged in fake Ray-Ban offers on Instagram - and how you can stop the scam

If you’re suddenly being tagged in endless posts on social media about discounted Ray-Bans then you’re not the only one.

Although this scam has been around on Facebook for a while, it is now popping up on Instagram. Instead of sponsored adverts, they’re appearing as a photo from a friend with multiple people you don’t know tagged in.

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Spread of the Ray-Ban scam

Antispam filter company ESET logs data on the volume of certain 'genres' of spam they are blocking.

Last year, they warned that the Ray-Ban scam was spreading by email, alongside Facebook, in the UK, Japan and Spain, as well as other countries.

What is this scam?

Some technology companies believe that the hack looks like a piece of malware, which could be getting access from clicking an unsafe link or download.

How can I get rid of or stop this scam?

If this scam is a virus on your computer then you’ll need to scan your computer with an up to date virus scanner.

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If your Instagram is affected, you need to start by changing your password and adding ‘two-step verification’ to your account.

This will usually require you to add a phone number, which means in the future you'll be sent a code when someone new tries to log in. You can also do the same with your Facebook account.

How to report the scam

If you come across the Ray-Ban scam, you should report it. You can do this by going to the menu on your account, choosing ‘report’ and then clicking the ’It's a scam’ option.

You can also log out of any other social media platforms you think you may have introduced the scam via. On Facebook, log out of any locations you don’t recognise.

Deleting any apps on Facebook that you don’t recognise or no longer use may also help.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.