This is everything you need to know about the Me at 20 challenge

By Rhona Shennan
Friday, 17th April 2020, 4:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th May 2020, 12:49 pm
This is what you need to know about the latest internet trend (Photo: Nigella Lawson)
This is what you need to know about the latest internet trend (Photo: Nigella Lawson)

Internet trends have been on the rise since the start of lockdown as people look for new ways to ease the boredom of staying at home.

The latest craze taking over social media asks you to look back to your younger years - and it’s gained the attention of quite a few famous faces as well.

This is everything you need to know about the Me At 20 challenge, from where it started to how you can take part.

What is the challenge and how do I take part?

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    The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like - you post a photo of yourself on Twitter from when you were 20 years old.

    Unlike other online trends, there’s no nomination process, so you don’t need to wait until one of your friends tags you.

    Just post a picture of your 20-year-old self on Twitter with the hashtag #MeAt20.

    The challenge is giving people time to reflect on questionable fashion decisions, bad hair and other mishaps from their younger years.

    Alongside their picture, one user tweeted: “The hair. All I can say is the hair! #MeAt20”

    Another wrote: “Turns out I was still “rocking” the Bieber fringe… #MeAt20”

    How did the trend start?

    The trend appears to have been sparked by Twitter user @202natt on Monday 13 April, when she tweeted: “Lmaooo what did y’all look like at 20?”

    The tweet has gained over 2,000 likes since Monday 13 April, and it received over 1,000 replies.

    And as the trend travelled further and wider, people began posting their own pictures in response to the original tweet.

    Which celebrities have taken part?

    It’s not just regular folk who are turning to the internet and online trends to keep entertained during lockdown - celebrities have been as well.

    A number of famous faces have taken part in this challenge, including actress Emily Atack (The Inbetweeners, Almost Never).

    She tweeted out her picture, saying: “#MeAt20 with my melon head and tiny little body, that was criticised for being too fat even then. You will never please everybody. So have that Easter egg for breakfast and relax.”

    TV host Carol Voderman also got in on the fun, tweeting her picture alongside the caption: “Graduating age 20. 1981. Engineering. Cambridge Uni. VERY bad perm. Inspired by Deirdre Barlow, John Bon Jovi and a hint of Cher #MeAt20” with a laughing face.

    Chef Nigella Lawson also shared her own picture: “Can’t find one at 20, so here’s one when I was 23”, which has garnered over 42 thousand likes on Twitter.

    Other celebrities to share their own #MeAt20 pictures include TV presenter Piers Morgan, comedian Julian Clary, actress Busy Phillips, actor Josh Gad and many more.