These are the top 10 things families argue about at Christmas

Christmas is the merriest time of year, it has also proven to be a time where couples and friends argue, with more than half of Brits admitting they argue with friends and family over the festive period.

Coverage reporting tool, Answer the Public, shows people are querying about ‘couple fighting’ and ‘argue when drunk relationship’. Therefore, greeting card marketplace,, has surveyed the British nation to find what they argue most about, with in-laws being the number one cause for arguments!

These are the top 10 things Brits argue about at Christmas:

1 Spending time with the in-laws

2 What to watch on Christmas day

3 Watching TV on Christmas day

4 Board games 

5 Christmas dinner or lunch

6 Being drunk on Christmas day 

7 When to open presents 

8 Decorating the Christmas tree 

9 Who is in charge of cleaning on Christmas day 

10 What time to wake up on Christmas morning 

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When asked about how much couples, friends and families argue over the Christmas period, more than one in six  said they do often, while more than two thirds admitted they argue with their close ones sometimes.

When looking at the age groups, those who most commonly argue are people over 65, where one in four admitted to arguing with their close ones over the festive period. 

More than half of men admitted to arguing, while women argue slightly less. We all know it can get a bit heated over how long the turkey should cook for, or how to best make the stuffing!

Top 3 arguments for women were:

1) What to watch on Christmas day 

2) Board games

3) Spending time with the in-laws

Top 3 arguments for men were:

1 Spending time with the in-laws 

2 Watching TV on Christmas day

3 What to watch on Christmas day

Spokesperson at thortful comments on the findings, “Regardless of whether you have an argument or not, the most important part is to have a merry time over Christmas, so make sure to make up with whomever you are having a quarrel with to ensure a brilliant Christmas period!”.

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