These are the best tips and tricks for cutting your own fringe at home

Is it time to try and trim your own fringe? (Photo: Shutterstock)Is it time to try and trim your own fringe? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Is it time to try and trim your own fringe? (Photo: Shutterstock)

For those of us who didn’t manage to squeeze in a haircut pre-lockdown, unruly hair is starting to become an issue.

The kitchen scissors may have started to look tempting, especially if you have a fringe and it’s starting to grow over your eyes.

If letting it grow out isn’t an option, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your fringe in check.

Invest in the right equipment

The scissors in your kitchen drawer are definitely not the right thing to cut your hair with.

They’re likely very blunt and will only serve to give you an uneven cut and damage your hair cuticles.

Amazon has plenty of hairdresser-quality scissors available to buy, and you could even get a pack that include scissors, a hairdressing gown, hair clips and a comb.

The better quality scissors you invest in, the better your end result will likely be.

Section your hair

Speaking to Elle, hairdresser Larry King says: “After wetting your hair, always section your fringe off, so the rest of your hair is nowhere near where you want to cut.

“This way your fringe will be the only thing that you’re looking at and working on.”

King advises to section your fringe in a triangle shape which goes back two inches from the forehead and comes down to the side of your eyebrows.

Cut the fringe longer than usual

When it comes to cutting your fringe, you want to be conservative with how much hair you’re actually cutting - you can always cut more hair if desired, but you can’t uncut hair to make it longer again.

When cutting wet hair, you should also be aware that when your hair dries, it’ll get even shorter.

“Instead of cutting it to the length you desire, leave it 1cm longer. When you blow dry it, the hair will jump up, so while it’s wet, leave it longer than you would want,” says King.

Use a comb instead of your fingers

Be gentle when holding the section of hair you’re cutting. If your fingers are putting too much tension on your hair, it will spring up once you let go, resulting in a shorter cut than intended.

A comb will hold less tension and will also work as a ruler to help you determine how much hair to trim.

Cut vertically, never horizontally

King says: “When you start to cut your fringe you have to make sure your scissors are cutting vertically. Never cut across! Cutting vertically gives movement to the hair and makes the fringe a lot softer.”

If you cut your fringe vertically, you’ll likely end up with something very blunt and potentially uneven.

Start cutting vertically into the hair in the middle and then work your way out to the sides.

Follow an online tutorial

Following an online video can help you get a better result rather than going in blind and hoping for the best.

There are loads of videos on YouTube that can help you trim your hair, no matter your style or the texture of your hair, whether it’s straight, curly, wavy or something else entirely.

YouTube star and hairdresser Brad Mondo uploaded a video on 30 April titled “Hairdressers Guide to Cutting Your Own Bangs and Not Ruining Them” which should give you a good guide to work with.

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