These are the best new films and TV shows coming to Netflix this month

Another month, another slew of great TV and film to catch on Netflix.

From pharmaceutical true-crime docu-series to Sundance Film Festival cuts, this month's slate has something for everyone.

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Here are the best-looking Netflix Original shows and movies coming to the service in February 2020.

The Pharmacist

(Photo: Netflix)

What is it? February's big true-crime offering is The Pharmacist, a docu-series that tells the story of small town pharmacist Dan Schneider, and how his efforts to identify his son's killer led to him gathering evidence against a prolific "pill mill" in New Orleans.

The ripple effects of Schneider's son’s addiction and death come back to haunt him when a number of young, seemingly healthy people begin visiting his pharmacy with high dose prescriptions for OxyContin.

Sensing a crisis long before the opioid epidemic has gained nationwide attention, Dan stakes a mission: save the lives of other sons and daughters within his community, then take the fight to Big Pharma itself.

When can I watch it? 5 February

Horse Girl

(Photo: Katrina Marcinowski/Netflix)

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What is it? With the Sundance Film Festival ongoing, Netflix's original film output for the next months is likely to feature many darlings from the indie-film festival, as the streaming service snaps them up for distribution.

One such film is Horse Girl, a darkly humorous psychological thriller starring Alison Brie as a socially isolated arts and crafts store employee who finds herself happier in the company of horses and supernatural crime shows than people.

When a series of strangely surreal dreams upend the simplicity of her waking life, she struggles to distinguish her visions from reality.

When can I watch it? 7 February

Locke & Key

(Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

What is it? The long-awaited (a pilot was made in 2011 but never saw the light of day) TV adaptation of the best-selling comic book series of the same name is a coming-of-age mystery that's bound to capture the imagination of Netflix's teenage audience.

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After their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse.

They discover that the building is full of magical keys that may be connected to their father's death, but as they explore their unique powers, a mysterious demon awakens.

When can I watch it? 7 February

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

(Photo: Netflix/Bettina Strauss)

What is it? The sequel to 2018 teen romance movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before, a film that's genuinely worth watching even if the sound of "teen romance movie" churns your stomach.

This one doesn't look as if it will quite match the relatability and charm of the first, though a third film in the series is already in development.

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"It's a new year," says the film's synopsis, "and Lara Jean and Peter are no longer pretending to be a couple. They ARE a couple."

Hopefully the film itself won't have you reaching for the sick bags.

When can I watch it? 12 February

Narcos: Mexico (Season 2)

(Photo: Netflix)

What is it? When Narcos looked like it couldn't any further thanks to a major central character's death and the story wrapping up, Netflix found a way to cash in with a brand new tale under the Narcos banner.

'Mexico shifted the action away from Colombia to tell a brand new story in Central America, and focused on the leader of the Guadalajara Cartel throughout the 1980s and his attempts to bring independent producers together under one big drug empire.

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In short, this is the second season of a show that was supposed to be Narcos' fourth season. Confusing.

When can I watch it? 13 February

Altered Carbon (Season 2)

(Photo: Netflix)

What is it? The second season of the ambitious sci-fi series set in a far-future Californian city, and based on Richard K Morgan's cyberpunk novels.

The show's head-spinning concept imagines a future where a person's consciousness can be stored on a disc, and transferred into a new human host (amusingly known as a 'sleeve').

iNews described the first season as "a well-made, pulpy B-Movie... but with interesting sci-fi questions too."

When can I watch it? 27 February

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