There is a secret shortcut button on some iPhones - here’s where it is and what it does

iPhones have a secret shortcut located on the phoneiPhones have a secret shortcut located on the phone
iPhones have a secret shortcut located on the phone

iPhones with the latest update have a hidden feature located on the back of the device.

The iPhone's Apple logo can be used to carry out simple tasks on your phone.

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The new feature, called "Back Tap" was introduced with the iOS 14 software update.

What does it do?

Back Tap is activated by a user tapping the Apple logo two or three times to perform an action chosen by the user.

A wide range of phone functions can be attributed to this action, from volume control, screenshots, muting your phone, and even shortcuts to apps like Shazam.

How to get this shortcut

Back Tap can be used on the iPhone 8 and onwards, and users will need to at least be on the ios 14 software update.

To get this feature:

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Go to settingsGo to AccessibilityTap on TouchScroll down to where you see Back Tap

Once there, an option to activate this shortcut needs to be left on the green toggle, which presents options for 'double tap' and 'triple tap' to which you can assign two different shortcuts.

The settings can be adjusted to best fit your needs.

This shortcut is quicker and more intuitive than unlocking your iPhone and traditionally using the function.

It's a smart feature, with the ability to replicate common gestures and inputs usually found fiddly, like magnifying, screenshots, or locking your phone.

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However, since the logo needs to be tapped, people with a heavy or thick phone case may need to remove their case to access this feature.

Thinner phone cases should be able to work the secret button with ease.

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