The Ramblers unveil a new identity to unite the community and encourage more walking

By Christine Emelone
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 2:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 2:27 pm

The Ramblers release a new identity

The Ramblers today reveals a new logo. This is designed to reflect our vibrant community. Alongside this, it reflects the group's work to ensure everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of walking.

The new logo of the active group Ramblers (photo: Ramblers)

An open path forms the symbolism of the new logo. It incorporates bold and upbeat colours to emulate the outdoors. In addition, it embodies the welcoming characteristics of the Ramblers – the largest walking community in Britain.  

Uniting the ramblers community

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    The improved emblem will play a pivotal role in the Ramblers. This will work by inspiring and encouraging everyone to enjoy walking.

    It will help us reach new supporters for our vital campaigning work. Furthermore, we will provide the very best experience for our members.

    The trademark aims to encourage more people to enjoy the pleasure of walking (photo: Ramblers)

    In addition, it gives a single, compelling branding to all aspects of the Ramblers’ work. Essentially, we are  uniting our national organisations and local groups. Moreover, we are bringing the Ramblers Wellbeing Walks network of shorter ‘health’ walks fully into the Ramblers community.

    Carol Flint, Head of Brand for the Ramblers said: “Our new trademark presents the Ramblers as the inclusive, vibrant community we are, unified by an important cause. We’re delighted to share it with the world. It reflects that we’re so much more than a lifestyle club for walkers.”

    The Ramblers’ work to help everyone enjoy the benefits of walking. As well as this, the group serves to protect and expand the places we love to walk. The group is supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.