The new passport rule that could ruin your holiday - couple's warning after trip away ruined

The new rules came into force in October 2020
The new rules came into force in October 2020
The new rules came into force in October 2020
By Katrina Taylor

A couple have issued a warning to fellow travellers after confusion over new passport rules which ruined their holiday.

Abbie Long and partner David Clarke-Hippsley were due to fly to Menorca to celebrate Abbie’s 40th birthday on July 9, the Mansfield Chad reports.

Despite Abbie’s passport not expiring until March 2022, the couple were turned away at the airport because of new rules introduced in October 2020.

The rules now state that if you renewed your current passport before the previous one expired, extra months may have been added to its expiry date – and any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the 6 months needed – something Abbie had not been aware of.

Abbie explains: “We had already checked in days before with my passport number and nothing had flagged up saying it was invalid.

"We went to the airport check-in desk and they said that because my passport was issued in June 2011, it was out of date despite the expiry date being March 2022.

"We had to leave the airport with our bags – we were absolutely devastated.

“At no point did it flag up anywhere or were told that the expiry date is now no use, and loads of people have said they didn’t know this either."

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Abbie’s insurance claim has been denied, meaning she is now attempting to claim through ABTA for her ruined holiday.

"Since I posted on social media I’ve already alerted two other friends who would have had the same problem.” she continued.

"People need to know the rules have changed.”

To check out the government’s official guidance, check out their website here.

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