Tech expert’s top tip on how to stop your iPhone battery from draining too quickly

This is how to totally customise your iPhone (Photo: Shutterstock)This is how to totally customise your iPhone (Photo: Shutterstock)
This is how to totally customise your iPhone (Photo: Shutterstock)

A tech expert has suggested an easy way to remedy a feature which may be draining your iPhone battery.

They claim the vast majority of iPhone battery issues are software-related. 

What did they say? 

Tech website Payette Forward's founder, David Payette, said one of the main features draining your battery is tracking. 

iPhone tracks and records your location, which utilises a lot of battery life. 

Features such as Push Mail, where your phone has a constant connection to a server so you can send and receive emails instantly also drain your battery. 

How can these features be fixed?

Push Mail

Changing your setting from iPhone push to fetch can help save some battery life.

To do this, go to Settings, select Mail, and then account. Tap on Fetch New Data, and switch off Push at the top of the screen. 

Scroll to the bottom and choose 'every 15 minutes' under fetch. 

This has to be done for each email address synched to your phone. 

Location services 

To turn off location services, go into Settings, Privacy, location services and tap on Share My Location. 

Scroll down to System Services, and turn off everything you deem unnecessary to have on. 

Turn off Significant Locations, and under System Services, turn off all the switches under Product Improvement. To make a small arrow appear when your location is being taken, turn on the Status Bar Icon. 

Are there any other tips? 

Turning off Share iPhone Analytics and Share iCloud Analytics will stop automatic data sharing on how you use your phone. 

Closing running apps will also help, which you can do by swiping up from the bottom of your phone to the centre, or double-clicking the Home Button, to open the iPhone app switcher. 

To close an app, just swipe up the windows once on the page. 

Another tip is to turn off widgets and notifications you don't need and to keep your phone in a cool place at least once a week. 

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