Teachers and parents' funniest reactions to the end of the Easter holidays

Kids across the United Kingdom are heading back to school after two, long weeks of Easter holidays.

And judging by reaction on Twitter, the fortnight has flown by for teachers enjoying their well-earned rest and dragged on for parents dealing with their terrors for twenty-four hours a day.

Last night it began to dawn on some teachers that the Easter holidays were coming to a close.

Anyone else getting the #backtoschool anxiety thing?

— MrCrawford (@MrCrawfordEng) April 15, 2018

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Sleepless nights awaited teachers dreading the return to full-time work.

Cannot sleep, check I remembered to set alarms for first day back, realise I have less than 5 hours to sleep, panic, now really can’t sleep! #backtoschool pic.twitter.com/JJeI4Ibu4h

— Tech Teacher (@Y4teaching) April 16, 2018

In fact, teachers, parents and pupils alike all had trouble rising for the school run after a fortnight of lie-ins.

When you’ve hit snooze for the 48th time but it keeps coming back... #BackToSchool pic.twitter.com/PuJwoK0J2U

— Mr James 📚 (@MrJamesCCC) April 16, 2018

Of course I couldn’t sleep last night. The result? #BackToSchool pic.twitter.com/wS0w8wIhjq

— Miss O (@MissO_NQT) April 16, 2018

— careermap (@CareerMapNews) April 16, 2018

Getting my daughter up early to head #backtoschool and my sleepy idiot self has just sprayed air freshener under my armpits 🙈😂

— Shell (@shells_twits) April 16, 2018

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Children attempting to pull as sickie were met with little sympathy...

Lilman trying to tell me he's too tired and doesn't want to go #backtoschool...! pic.twitter.com/JYhe6AirNE

— Nicola Jeffery (@NicolaCJeffery) April 16, 2018

... much to their disappointment

— School Leavers Co. (@Schoolleaversco) April 16, 2018

One teacher was occupied by a slightly different concern: tights.

The worst thing about going back to work is tights #backtoschool #startofterm pic.twitter.com/f9LcAEQmTg

— Adventures in Wellbeing (@KerilizHaw) April 16, 2018

The school run was less stressful than usual for some parents.

Parents droppin kids off at school like..... https://t.co/t2jTcqLMf0#BackToSchool

— YORKSHIRE SLANG (@YorkshireSlang) April 16, 2018

Suprisingly, parents didn't seem too upset to see the back of their children...

Love them really but always feel like a bit of a happy dance when the kids go back to school! #backtoschool #EasterHolidays pic.twitter.com/ZRHbanKohh

— The Flex Factor (@theflexfactorHQ) April 15, 2018

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#Backtoschool Most Parents be like...... #Happymonday 😀 pic.twitter.com/NlSYwpkQHm

— Fearless.org (@FearlessORG) April 16, 2018

Aaaaaannndddd we’re done. Easter break has been a blast, but me, the house and the dog are ready for them to go #backtoschool #mumlife pic.twitter.com/jklo0ePqj4

— Laurah Hutchinson-St (@TheGingerGenie) April 16, 2018

One dad even made a song and dance about it.

Easter Holidays were a long one....#BacktoSchool pic.twitter.com/y0yAirEUH9

— Damien Sreenan (@damiensreenan) April 10, 2018

Parents did have one piece of advice for teachers returning behind their desk this Monday: beware of 'the floss'.

Is there some sort of antidote to this? 🤔🤪They never stop! #Mumofboys #thefloss #Backtoschool Good luck to teachers everywhere this term 😬🤦🏻‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/okjhqIaQdA

— Anna Whiteley (@AnnaPobble) April 15, 2018

Anyone else happy the kids are back to school today? #Mondaymotivation #MondayMorning #backtoschool #Floss pic.twitter.com/Ju5GE7GclX

— Life Kitchen (@life_kitchen_ie) February 19, 2018