Superdrug sells gummy bear tanning supplements

Not to be mistaken for the traditional gummy chew, a new gummy bear that claims to enhance tans is now being sold by high street retailer, Superdrug.

UTan Tan Gummies are vegan friendly, raspberry flavoured tanning gummy bears and for just £11.95, they promise to “help to accelerate & enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skins, with & without the sun”.

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The tan enhancing gummy bears have allegedly been developed by healthcare experts and are supposedly “more powerful” than any other tanning product on the market according to the Scottish company behind UTan & Tone.

On their website UTan & Tone said that the “Tan Gummies® allow potent actives to be held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, resulting in "direct absorption" through the membranes in the cheek walls” and this in turn will help develop a tan.

UTan & Tone added: “More powerful than anything else available on the market today containing a blend of essential plant nutrients: beta-carotene; lycopene; lutein; zeaxanthin & astaxanthin including a range of EFSA approved ingredients: Vit E & Selenium help protect the skin from oxidative stress; Vit C to help with the formation of collagen in skin; Zinc & Riboflavin for the maintenance of normal skin.”

'Consult a GP if you are pregnant'

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) were unable to comment directly on the safety and effectiveness of the UTan Tan Gummies, however, a spokesperson from BAD did provide a general comment on an ingredients used in the supplement: beta carotene.

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The spokesperson said: “Some tanning supplements contain beta carotene, the property that makes carrots orange and which is commonly found as colouring in food. The idea behind these products is that the colour additives enter the bloodstream and are partially deposited in skin tissue, giving the skin a tan-like or orange appearance.

“Possible side effects have been noted in conjunction with consuming high levels of beta carotene, and women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should avoid excessive vitamin A (such as beta-carotene) because it can cause birth defects, so should talk to their doctor before taking any tanning supplements.

The spokesperson added: “These products will not protect your skin from UV damage – the best ways to do this is to seek shade, cover the skin in loose clothing and use a high factor sunscreen.​”

UTan states that if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication or have any medical conditions then a GP should be consulted before using the tanning supplement.