Sky bills could soon rise by £72 a year - here’s who will be affected

Will your monthly bill be going up? (Photo: Shutterstock)Will your monthly bill be going up? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Will your monthly bill be going up? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sky customers could be faced with a bill than usual from summer as the company has confirmed plans to hike its prices.

The increased fees apply to certain broadband and TV customers, meaning some will be landed with a £72 per year increase from August.

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Who will be affected?

Sky has said the latest price hikes will only apply to a small number of customers who did not previously see their bills rise following the last increase on 1 April.

This is because this set of customers have different contracts, meaning the increased rates were delayed until later in the year.

However, Sky has said the changes in price will be exactly the same as customers who were required to pay more in April.

How much will I have to pay?

A number of changes will be introduced to broadband and TV costs from August.

Here is a breakdown of the prices that will be introduced:

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  • Sky Entertainment TV package - rising from £22 to £24 per month
  • Sky Essentials broadband package - rising from £20 to £22 per month
  • Sky multi-screen option - rising from £13 to £14 per month
  • Sky HD TV - rising from £5 to £6 per month

As in April, the price you will pay is dependent on your Sky package.

The largest increase that customers could have to pay as a result of the changes is £6 per month, amounting to a total of £72 extra per year.

However, Sky has said the average price increase is much less at just £3 per month, meaning an extra cost of £36 annually.

Will the price hikes affect any offers?

While the price increases will start to be added to your bill from August, Sky has said the hikes will not affect any offers customers might already have.

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This means Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Sports TV packages will remain unaffected, along with superfast broadband prices.

Home phone users will also be unaffected, although a price hike on certain calls was imposed on 1 May.

This included Sky's call connection fee, which rose from 23p to 25p, while non-inclusive calls to UK landlines increased from 15.5p per minute to 16p per minute.

Customers who wish to leave their contract as a result of the increases can do so penalty free, providing they are outside the minimum term of their contract and on a monthly rolling deal.

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Sky simply requests customers cancel their package within 30 days of receiving notification of the price increase.

Those who are still within their minimum contract term cannot cancel penalty free unless they are a broadband customer.

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