Revealed - the best - and no so great- gaming series ever. Do you agree?

In these uncertain times, one of the best things about being forced to stay at home is unlimited time fans have for gaming.

And, thanks to technology, they can challenge friends at a distance. Whether you do it for fun, making new friends, or as a source of income, playing games is a great way to relax and explore new worlds.

With that being said, there are a million games out there, making it really hard to choose just one.

To help out, has found out which games should be at the beginning of your backlog, and which ones you should leave until last.

To find that out, they asked 1,404 avid gamers what their preferences are.But do you agree, or are you about to throw a rage fit?

The best gaming seriesThe best gaming series
The best gaming series

These are the GOD tier gaming seriesGeralt of Rivia will be pleased to know that the game series where he kills monsters and woos sorceresses has won the hearts of many, with The Witcher placed in the GOD tier of video games.

Link might have a hard time finding Zelda, but at least his game had no issue finding its spot on the GOD tier of video games.

Whether or not it is an urban legend, it is said the late Robin Williams named his daughter after the heroine of the game he loved to play.

If you’ve never played Half-Life before, you should.At least, this is what 1,404 respondents think.

Voters were also huge fans of BioShock and the classic Mario Kart, with both games making it to the top!

Animal Crossing dug its way to the good tier.Since the remake of Animal Crossing, people are going crazy over making their island the best one ever.

This might explain why the game has a nice cosy spot in the good tierOther big names we can find hanging out on the Good tier include Forza, Subnautica,

League of Legends and Grand Theft Auto.Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? This is the question.

And the answer is neither. While Fortnite - which spawned much concern over obsessive teens - made it to the low tier, people found PUBG to be bland.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) had more luck making it to mid-tier.

In the bland tier we can also find old school classics like Tetris and Minecraft, which seem to have lost their appeal to current players, who possibly prefer RPGs more.

Minecraft has spawned clubs and classes so how it came bottom of the pile is anyone’s guess.A

s for Pacman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tomb Raider, Super Mario and Space Invaders, it seems there is no space for - or memory of - them. Even though they are still my level of skill!