Reports of fake Sainsbury's vouchers in circulation

Shoppers are being advised to be wary of fake emails pretending to be from Sainsbury’s after a rise in reports of fake gift vouchers sent on behalf of the supermarket.

The emails state that the recipient has been overcharged on a recent trip to Sainsbury’s and to compensate are offering a free gift card.

By clicking on the link to receive the gift voucher, victims are then taken to a website which could lead to defraudment.

Action Fraud received 15 new reports of such emails yesterday and is now warning shoppers not to be duped by the emails.

Although Action Fraud has said that reports to them regarding the emails look genuine and use the recipient’s first name and are signed by Mia Chadwick of Customer Services, the cybercrime is advising any recipients to be on the lookout for any potential signs of fraud.

Action Fraud said: “Be wary. Don’t assume anyone who has sent you an email is from the company who they say they are from.

“Check the sender’s email address. They may use an address that looks like it could be from the brand they’re impersonating.”

Action Fraud have also said that poor-quality spelling, grammar, graphic design or image quality can also be the sign of a fraudulent email.