Price of Tesco sanitary pads doubles - here’s where to find the cheapest products

The price of sanitary pads at Tesco has almost doubled since this time last year, according to MoneySavingExpert. 

Since 2018, the supermarket's 10-pack of Tesco Essentials maxi towels have been the cheapest available at major retailers and supermarkets.

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The price of sanitary products led to the abolition of the tampon tax in 2021. This saw the 5% VAT dropped from menstrual products, as they are now being seen as an essential item. 

How much has the price increased? 

But after recent research, supported by data from specialist comparison tool Sanitary Saver, Tesco's product was revealed to have doubled in price from 23p a pack to 42p a pack - to 2p and 4p per pad at each price point.

The average 'lifetime cost' of buying the supermarket's 'Essentials' range of maxi towels (10-pack) has gone from £242 to £441, according to researchers. 

This number is based on someone having up to 480 periods in their lifetime, and buying 22 tampons or pads each month.

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What has been said?

On Twitter, one person said: "Disgraceful, to be honest. Items like these should be free or sold much more cheaply."

While another said: "Tesco is contributing to period poverty."

When asked about the price increase, Tesco told there had been significant increases to the production cost of the maxi towels, and it had taken on these costs where possible.

A spokesperson told the Mirror: "We know that the cost of buying essential period products can be a real struggle for many people, so we work hard with our suppliers to make these products affordable."

How much do the cheapest period products cost? 

Asda regular non-applicator tampons (32-pack)

Cost per pack: 70p

Cost per item: 2p

Average lifetime cost: £230

Asda regular ultra towels (16-pack)

Cost per pack: 50p

Cost per item: 3p

Average lifetime cost: £315

Morrisons maxi towels (24-pack)

Cost per pack: 85p

Cost per item: 4p

Average lifetime cost: £372

Asda regular applicator tampons (20-pack)

Cost per pack: 70p

Cost per item: 4p

Average lifetime cost: £420

Tesco Essentials maxi towels (10-pack)

Cost per pack: 42

Cost per item: 4p

Average lifetime cost: £441

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Tips to save money on sanitary products has given advice for people wishing to cut costs when shopping for sanitary products. 

The site recommends downgrading from branded to own-brand products as they report finding little difference between the two.

Big companies often feature free samples or coupons when promoting a new product, which says would help cut costs. 

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