Poldark series 4's topless reveal sends everyone into meltdown

Revealing its fourth series, in a very literal sense, popular BBC show Poldark has just announced its comeback with an obligatory topless shot of leading man Aidan Turner. And the internet - and the national press - have promptly had a collective meltdown.

The Sunday night drama has become knowingly associated with Turner's bare chest ever since an oft-referenced scything scene in an early episode; with fans and the actor himself frequently nodding to the ensuing buzz around it.

But the scything scene may now have been eclipsed.

In the very opening moments of series 4, the actor emerges from the sea in linen pants before rising to a heroic pose on the beach. And it is this moment, reportedly greeted with self-aware laughs at a preview screening, that is being used to promote the forthcoming return.

Aidan Turner's Ross Poldark on an ordinary day in Cornwall (Photo: BBC/Mammoth Screen)

Predictably, devotees and detractors of the show alike have had some wry fun in response.

But the reaction has gone even further than that.

It's the biggest story of the day, according to the papers:

When you are on the front of every British newspaper 😳#Poldark#AidanTurner pic.twitter.com/nF60DSIUq2

— Karen (@Karen_Ham_) June 1, 2018

— bab_tuit (@bab_tuit) June 1, 2018

Wonder why this picture is so popular this morning... 🤔 #Poldark pic.twitter.com/2kF5RKhl6S

— BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) June 1, 2018

Jesus! Breakfast telly '˜z team' just spent 5 mins talking about #Poldark with his top off 🤔#bbcbreakfast

— Phil (@philton68) June 1, 2018

Debates were being held on the ethics of eyeing up Turner's naked torso:


To ogle or not to ogle. #Aidenturner #Poldark latest publicity shots from BBC have him with his top off again Is this a double standard ? Is it ok for women to ogle men in this way, would we be happy for it to be the other way round ? TEXT 85058 @bbc5live pic.twitter.com/8Nfdht6iP6

— Clare McDonnell (@claremcdonnell1) June 1, 2018

Others suggested the once iconic scything scene had been surpassed:

I'm guessing the scything photo will be a thing of the past after this beauty !! #aidanturner #Poldark #aidancrew Thanks @BenJonesPicEd pic.twitter.com/JarLsatprK

— Aidan Turner News â˜˜ï¸ (@ATurnerNews) May 31, 2018

...though some attempted to puncture the mystique

— simon buschenfeld (@buschenfeld) June 1, 2018

Flyaway hair! Don't look 👀 any tips for dealing with flattened curls on the beach. Such an embarrassing pic 😔#Poldark #AidanTurner #PoldarksHair #beachhairproblems pic.twitter.com/G0zNsxfDeN

— Poldark's Hair (@PoldarksHair) June 1, 2018

Regardless, the general enthusiasm for Poldark's return was palpable:


— DERICK luthor (@dluthor2) June 1, 2018

So we've got #AckleyBridge and #Poldark back this week. If they could only drop #NoOffence Season 3 into the schedule, it would be a truly amazing week for British TV.

— Tony Sharpe (@tonetalk) June 1, 2018

As one of the folks who travelled over 3,000 miles, yes we really do love #Poldark! https://t.co/9hGUQpLx5f

— Demelza-Rae Poldark (@amandarprescott) June 1, 2018

Excited to be seeing the trailers for the new series of #Poldark on BBC. Cannot wait! pic.twitter.com/gh2A7p2ym0

— Jane (@janeshrew) June 1, 2018

Viewers can get their fix of Turner's contours when the period drama returns next Sunday.

There will also no doubt be clashes with arch-enemy George, further noble attempts to mitigate the plight of the poor, and plenty of brooding shots of characters atop the cliffs.

Poldark returns to BBC One on Sunday 10 June at 9pm

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[Main image: BBC]