Meet the full line-up of contestants on ITV2's Love Island Australia - from Erin to Cassidy and Grant

(Photo: ITV)(Photo: ITV)
(Photo: ITV)

News that the UK series of Love Island had been cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 was a big blow to fans of reality TV, who’d hoped they’d at least get to see some fit bods going at it by a swimming pool while a deadly virus swirled outdoors.

But never fear! ITV has stepped up to offer the goods, albeit with slightly different accents.

Love Island Australia takes place just a stone’s throw away from the UK villa in Mallorca, and its first series is getting a repeat on ITV2 this summer.

The series was first broadcast in 2018, so spoilers are out there!

But if you’re ready for some bikini-clad escapism, here's a rundown of the ten contestants in the villa.

The Girls

Millie, 24

“Feisty” animal handler Millie describes herself as “the star of everyone’s Snapchat stories”, and worryingly claims she “can be convinced to do just about anything for a laugh.”

Having been single for two years she’s now ready to find someone “sexy and passionate” that can make her laugh.

Cassidy, 23

Cassidy loves reading raunchy, romance novels, and admits to being “a total tomboy” and an “easy girl to please”.

She does for tattooed guys who are laid back, sporty, kind and love the outdoors, and is hoping to “at least” end her eight-month dry spell.

Erin, 23

The odds are stacked against nurse Erin, who says she wants to find love, but will have a tough time doing so as “all the guys will be so hot, I'll just want to make out with every single one of them.”

A self-described “girl's girl”, Erin defends her friends “even if they are in the wrong”, and any potential partners “must love Disney movies.”

Natasha, 24

Beautician Natasha “hates being called fake”, yet claims she has “never been embarrassed about anything.”

She’s previously dated multimillionaires and experienced the luxury lifestyle, and is looking for a tall, tanned man with big muscles and “goals”. Oh, and “having a boat would be a plus.”

Tayla, 21

Having represented Western Australia as a finalist for Miss Universe 2015, Tayla is also an amateur boxer.

She ominously admits to usually going for guys with “blue eyes and blonde hair”, and admits that she lost part of herself in her previous long-term relationship.

The Boys

Justin, 27

In what is perhaps the most poignant quote you’ll read from this batch of Love Island contestants, Justin says balancing modelling and his job as a “concreter” for his dad’s business “is like sharing my masculinity and femininity.”

He never dates because he’s afraid of rejection, so has decided to risk televised dismissal in an environment where his personality can “shine.”

Charlie, 22

Charlie proudly boasts of remaining unbeaten in an ‘eye-off’ contest – whatever that is – and says he is loyal, fun, very immature, and adventurous.

He wants to go on Love Island to focus solely on love instead of focusing so much on his rugby career.

Eden, 25

Eden “tends to laugh in the face of confrontation” but “doesn’t hold back if he doesn’t like someone” – handy considering his day job as a prison guard.

He enjoys boxing (punching others), and don’t even think about taking him on a long beach walk; Eden prefers “skinny dipping and a porn star martini to really spice things up!”

Josh, 25

The worst thing Josh has done is tell a mate he wouldn't get with their girlfriend, “and then he did.”

A top guy indeed, he says he finds nothing more entertaining and hilarious than “instigating confrontation, then watching if all unfold.” Also, “addicted” to “anything about space travel.”

Grant, 22

Grant – who is most confident “with his shirt off” – is an Elvis fan. So much so, his imaginative mates have nicknamed him ‘Elvis’...

With one eye on the property market, Grant says he wants to find his future wife on Love Island, as he wants to have kids and “buy a house sooner rather than later.”

When can I watch it?

Love Island Australia began on ITV2 on Monday 15 June, and airs nightly

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