Max formula for max fun? Just follow the Templr formula

Finding their happy place using the Templr formula
Finding their happy place using the Templr formula

Formula for finding your happy place

Have you ever needed a helping hand when  it comes to self-fulfilment?

Well now there's a formula for getting to that happy place.

Scientific research recently conducted on behalf of Butlin’s, has uncovered that you can reach your ‘happy place’ whenever you desire by following the simple formula.

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    The formula was put together after analysing data captured from 1,500 participants by psychologist and body language expert, Darren Stanton, showing  – that (Time + Music ÷ People x Reconnection) + Environment = Optimum Happiness - all of which a Butlin’s Big Weekender has in abundance.

    Follow the Templr formula for happiness

    According to the brand, the winning ‘TeMPLR’ formula, a phrase coined by Darren, consists of the following for those who want to apply it to themselves:


    Time - 4.5 hours

    Music - reminding you of a happy memory

    People - your group of three friends

    Reconnection - through laughter

    Environment - being somewhere stress-free away from home

    Those that took part in the experiment identified that spending quality time with friends, being on holiday and getting good value for money were the things that make them feel the happiest.

    To truly be in a ‘happy place’, participants demonstrated that they’d need 4.5 hours doing their preferred activities, including spending time with family and friends, listening to live music and enjoying bottomless brunch, which are all available on a Big Weekender.

    Use Templr formula at Butlin's Big Weekenders to find your happy place

    The formula was put to the test on a Butlin’s Big Weekender, exclusively for adults, where groups of friends experienced live music performances, pool parties, adventure golf, silent discos, fairground rides, bingo and go-karting.

    Real-time video footage analysis and heart rate monitoring during a Big Weekender proved that following the ‘TeMPLR’ formula really is what’s needed to experience optimum happiness.

    During the study, Darren observed 100 per cent genuine happiness and excitement, highlighted by the subjects’ areas around the eyes which showed the whole face being engaged.

    He also noted physiological evidence to support his assertion, with subjects’ pulse and heart rates significantly increased as a result of being in their ‘happy place’ at Butlin’s.

    Big Weekenders at Butlins - the perfect place to try the Templr formula (photo: Dillon Osborne)

    Darren Stanton commented on his analysis: “Like food, shelter and water, physical connection is a vital ingredient to happiness that can never be created digitally. Psychologists, such as Maslow, look at a human’s hierarchy of needs, and these show that no amount of FaceTime or Zoom could ever replace these core values.

    Music also plays a massive part in our ‘happy place’. Like photographs, hearing music often takes us back to a time in the past when life was simple.

    When the brain hears this music, it cannot differentiate between things that are real or imagined, hence why old photographs may conjure memories of nostalgia.

    In psychology, this is known as an ‘anchor’; a memory that was locked away but was unlocked with a piece of music, photograph, or smell.”

    Entertainment director at Butlin’s, Mike Godolphin, said: “Our Big Weekenders are all about getting together with your friends, letting your hair down and having a great time.

    "The new ‘TeMPLR’ formula highlights that our adult-only breaks really do have it all.

    "Whether you fancy Oktoberfest, our new multi-era break Replay or one of the 20 weekenders on offer this year, Butlin’s can be everybody’s happy place!”

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