Mallard Monarchs: The trending platinum jubilee gifts

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee just weeks away, it’s time to prep party decorations and gifts for the extended weekend, and there is an unlikely hero that’s getting a royal welcome to represent the landmark event.

DCUK (The Original Wooden Duck Company) offers hand-crafted personalised and limited-edition regal characters that everyone can fall in love with. Starting from £19.99, there are plenty of themed characters to choose from:

Limited Edition: Jubilee Dinky Duck £19.99

With only 70 available to buy, the DCUK Jubilee Dinky Ducks are set to be a highly sought-after gift. Each unique character has a special hand-painted motif on their backs. They also arrive in their own personal gift boxes with an Elizabeth name tag.

Limited Edition: Jubliee Ducklings £24.99

Slightly taller but still with just 70 available for a limited time, the DCUK Jubilee Ducklings also have a crystal heart, purple ribbon, celebratory motif and Elizabeth name tag.

Celebrate the best of British with the Queen’s Guard Dinky Duck. Each Dinky can be found wearing a hand painted red uniform with black boots and the iconic furry Busby hat. Arriving in their own personal gift boxes, Dinkies are sure to be your new favourite keepsake of the Jubilee.

Beefeater Ducklings are a beautiful gift for any royal family enthusiast on this first of its kind occasion.

Scottish Guard Ducklings wear their tartan uniform, pristine white boots and a Busby hat with pride! Be sure to invite these loyal guards to the party for your guests to marvel at whilst they watch the celebrations.

Scottish Guard Dinky Ducks are smaller than their brothers and come in personalised boxes.

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