Irn-Bru recalled as bottle caps pop off unexpecedly

AG Barr is recalling its 750ml glass bottles due to the possibility that the bottles' caps may pop off 'unexpectedly'.

The manufacturer, best known as the maker of Irn Bru, has issued the recall on a precautionary basis following a small number of reports of the bottle caps may pop off unexpectedly.

Customers who have bought any of the affected products are advised to return them to the store where purchased, or to contact AG Barr directly at [email protected].

The 750ml products affected are:

IRN-BRUIRN-BRU sugar freeIRN-BRU XTRAColaCream SodaGinger BeerLemonadeLimeadePineappleRed KolaSoda Water

The use by date of the affected drinks is up to and including May 2019

No other AG Barr products are known to be affected.

New recipe

Barrs, known for its innovative and sometimes controversial advertising campaigns, has recently attracted unwanted publicity, following its altering of the Irn Bru formula, reducing the amount of sugar content and introducing the artificial sweetener aspartame

However, the company say that the issue with the bottle tops is unrelated to the recipe change, and the problem only applies to 750ml glass bottles.

The company said: "We have identified an intermittent fault in how some caps have been applied across our 750ml glass bottles.

"The quality of the drink itself is not affected, however the issue may cause a small number of caps to pop off unexpectedly.

"As a precautionary measure we are asking consumers who have any of the products detailed to open the bottles with care to release the pressure.

"The bottle should be handled carefully, pointed away from the body at arm's length, as you would when opening a bottle of sparkling wine."

The company added: "At AG Barr plc we take great care to ensure that our products reach our consumers and customers in perfect condition and are sorry that on this occasion a limited quantity of our products has not met expectations."