Here's why we love our corner shops

Shopping habits have changed as people flock to their corner shops during lockdown.

A  survey showed that more than three-quarters of us (77%) flocked to the local convenience store rather than the  supermarket (69%) or shopping online (30%).

Shorter queues in shops which were within walking distance was the reason for the popularity of  convenience stores.

Bread, milk, fruit, vegetables and alcohol were top of the lockdown shopping lists.

Items being bought less often included ready meals, meat, crisps and sweet treats such as cakes and chocolate.

The survey of 300 people found that 63% said they shopped in store less frequently in response to the lockdown, with the majority (33%) shopping once a week. However, 48% said they had been spending more during their grocery trips.

The research  was carried out by Central England Co-op. Sita Chauhan, customer experience and insights manager, said: "The survey has highlighted interesting trends and changes to the way we have been shopping and offers us some useful insights which can help in our understanding as we look at our offer in store moving forwards.”

(photo: Shutterstock).