Here's how you can get a coffee for under 50p using Eat Out to Help Out at chains like Starbucks, Costa and Pret

August is a good month for deals on eating and drinking out (Photo: Shutterstock)
August is a good month for deals on eating and drinking out (Photo: Shutterstock)

You can maximise the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme by stacking deals together to get coffee for under £1 from high street chains.

The trick was pointed out by Rhiannon Moorhouse of Money Saving Expert, and capitalises on a couple of August schemes along with ongoing discounts:

  • The government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme will give you 50 per cent off (up to £10 per person) if you sit in a cafe or restaurant from Monday to Wednesday throughout August. You don't need a voucher as the discount will be automatically taken off your bill at the end
  • A recent VAT reduction from 20 per cent to five per cent in the hospitality sector means that a 12.5 per cent discount may be available in some places - though it's up to individual businesses as to how they do this
  • Many coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own reusable cup - up to 50p off in some

These discounts mean that, at certain chain coffee shops, you can currently bag a coffee for around £1 - or even less. You'll have to grab one before August to make the most of the available deals this months.

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    Bear in mind, however, that prices can vary slightly between branches, so the prices given below may not be exact.

    To claim an Eat Out to Help Out discount you'll have to sit in, so the discount won't apply if you're buying from a branch without a seating area. The discount is only in place from Mondays to Wednesdays.

    Pret - 19p coffee 

    Usually, a filter coffee at Pret costs 99p. However, with a VAT discount of 12p, a reusable cup discount of 50p and an 18p Eat Out to Help Out discount, you should be able to grab a filter coffee for just 19p.

    With the same discounts applied to a latte - usually costing £2.40 - your coffee should cost just 80p.

    Costa Coffee - 32p coffee

    Costa coffee has also confirmed that it will be passing on VAT discount to customers, and the chain business also offers discounts for reusable cups.

    Using these two discounts, plus the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, a small filter coffee - usually £1 - should only cost around 32p.

    Flat whites, usually costing £2.70, will be reduced to just £1.06.

    Starbucks – 38p coffee

    The same discounts used at Starbucks will see your morning caffeine fix reduced to a similarly low price.

    The VAT discount won't apply to a small filter coffee at Starbucks, but with a reusable cup discount and the Eat Out to Help Out scheme discount, it should set you back just 38p.

    A cappuccino or latte - usually costing £2.76 - will cost around £1.03 with the VAT, reusable cup and Eat Out to Help Out discounts applied.

    Caffe Nero - £1.02 coffee

    At Caffe Nero, only the Eat Out to Help Out discount applies - bringing in a reusable cup will earn you an extra loyalty card stamp, however.

    A Caffe Latte, usually costing £2.05, will set you back just £1.03 with an Eat Out to Help Out discount.

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    Greggs – £1.11 coffee

    Greggs isn't taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, but with the other two discounts, you can nab a white coffee for around £1.11 or a tea for 68p.