Here's how to measure whether you are drinking too much in lockdown

Adults who have increased their alcoholic intake since lockdown have been warned about developing a habit that is hard to break.

A study among 2,000 people has shown that drinking has increased by nearly a quarter (24%) in the UK.

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Londoners topped the table with 31% saying they were downing more alcohol while 18% in the capital said they were drinking less.

Bottom of the league was the East Midlands where only 12% said they were drinking more and 36% said they were drinking less.

The study was commissioned by Drinkaware, an alcohol education awareness charity.

Health warning

Drinkaware’s chief executive officer Elaine Hindal said: “With this new normal set to go on for a few more months, thousands of people could be in danger of establishing a variety of ingrained and hard-to-break drinking habits that could have an impact on their health - both physical and mental.

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“What’s more, is that we know people tend to underestimate how much they drink. The measures we get in pubs, bars and restaurants are poured with precision, whereas at home, we’re unlikely to pour spirits in measures of 25ml or ensure we stop at 125ml to measure a small glass of wine."

Drinkaware has an online assessment for people who fear that they may be downing too much alcohol. Go to

The charity has also shared these tips to help Brits take control of their drinking while at home:

- Stick to drinking within the low-risk guidelines, that’s no more than 14 units each week

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- Have at least three drink-free days each week and replace drinking with an activity

- Take the pressure off calculating units by keeping track of your drinking with Drinkaware’s app

- Experiment with alcohol-free drinks, there is an increasing variety on offer from retailers

- Use smaller glass sizes for your drinks and use a bottle stop to save wine for another day.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

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