Here's how to keep your skin looking great this summer

With lockdown measures slowly easing, venturing into the great outdoors is beginning to feel less and less like a distant pipedream, just in time for a scorching summer!

You might dream about your skin being tanned, smooth and glowing but the reality can be somewhat different as you tackle sweat, sunburn and the risk of fine lines and pigmentation due to the sunny conditions.

- To keep your skin looking healthy this summer you should:

- Drink plenty of water

-Take Hyaluronic Acid supplements to help hold the moisture in your skin

-Look at introducing oils to your diet and on your skin - internally and externally is the winning combo!

Barrier function is key. Eating lots of antioxidants is also a great way to protect your skin from the harmful damage of the sun rays. Tomatoes have an ingredient called lycopene which naturally supports our skins sun barrier function

- Ceramides help form the skin’s barrier and help it retain moisture. It can also help protect the skin against environmental aggressors like pollution

- Don’t over do the sun exposure, stay protected with sunscreen

- Don’t over strip the skin, keep the use of skin peeling products to a minimum.

These are the changes you should make to your skincare routine:

-Cut back on retinols

- Keep using hydrating products but avoid using anything that is extra heavy

- Thoroughly remove sunscreen and sweat

- Add in hydrating serums and masks - these are essentials.

Keep checking your skin for issues such as sensitivity to touch, visible redness, feeling itchy or developing pimples. If these signs start to become visible, stop using your products and apply cool compress to take out heat. Aloe Vera is your best friend this summer.

Skincare therapist Abigail James said: “There’s so many different elements of summer that can affect your skin - heat, sun, sweat, being outdoors more and even the consumption of more alcohol. The humidity, mixing make-up with sweat can also lead to increased episodes of breakouts.”

Abigail compiled the report for beauty brand Foreo.

(photo by Shutterstock)