Here are the 15 most valuable McDonald's toys you could have at home

It’s time to search the attic, folks. An antiques website has partnered with a toy expert to compile a list of the most valuable antique McDonald’s toys, along with the price they currently command on the market.

If, say, you find a set of TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos (2000), you could be sitting on £338. And there are loads more McDonald’s toys worth a small fortune. See the full list below.

Antique website created the list with toy expert Peter Jenkinson, with a set of guidelines for prospective toy collectors.

The guidelines include information on the condition toys must be in to command the highest prices.

Jenkinson highlights how certain aspects can alter the value dramatically, with the packaging and the condition of the toy ultimately impacting selling price.

He advises all potential collectors to buy and keep toys in their original packaging/bag.

The guidelines also advise long term investors to buy toys two at a time, so collectors have the choice to open one and keep the other.

Also, collecting full sets of toys results in a bigger sum than collecting individually.

Jenkinson recommends collecting popular, limited edition toys too, such as LEGO sets which are linked to films and franchises.

“There have been thousands of McDonald’s happy meal toys over the years and knowing which ones are just a piece of plastic or which are worth something, is always a struggle," says Jenkinson.

"This list is forever growing so if you think you might have something valuable, try and get hold of as many of the toys in the set as possible and keep hold of them.

"Also check your old ones too, if you have any lying around in the attic or an unused draw, get them looked at – you could be looking at a healthy sum, especially if you have one on the list I’ve put together.”

Will Thomas managing director at said: “Toys are a hugely popular area for people to invest in, but we’ve never realised just how much people could get for their old McDonald’s toys.

"It’s interesting to see just how much a once free plastic toy can be worth, and how much money people might have, unbeknown to them, just lying in their attic or drawers.”

The 15 most valuable McDonald’s toys

1 - TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos (2000) – Much rarer than their toy shop equivalent, a set could get you £338

2 - Underwater Monsters (1979) – A set of these creepy creatures should fetch over £300.44

3- Robots by Diener Keshi (1979) – Anything up to £300.44

4 - Power Rangers (1994) – Find yourself a complete set of the hero’s and vehicles and it's £262.89

5 - Inspector Gadget (1995) – Half man, half robot fetches £262.89

6 - Fraggle Rock (1992) – Set of four sold recently for £225.33

7 - Mario (1994 and 1998) – The video gaming plumber and friends fetch over £187.78

8 - 101 Dalmatians (1996) – You’ll be lucky to have all 101 toys but £165.24 is what they’re worth

9 - Snoopy (2000) – A set of the 50th anniversary toys aren’t peanuts at £135.20

10 - Furby (2000) – The clippable one. A creepy but costly £90.13

11 - Jerry the Minion (2013) - From Despicable Me 2 - £90.13

12 - Potato Head kids (1987) – This set of offspring would bag you £75.11

13 - Transforming Food (1987/1989) – Individual pieces can fetch up to £52.58

14 - Clone Wars Happy Meal Box (2008) – The box, yes just the box could get you £37.56

15 - Hot Wheels (1983) – Individually these cars from a set of 14 are worth £30.02 each