Here are some of the best virtual pub quizzes happening around the country - and how to host your own

With millions of people stuck working from home, plenty of Brits are wishing they could head down to their local for a quiz.

But since that is not possible, hundreds of thousands of people have turned to other ways of organising, and participating in, virtual pub quizzes.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

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Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes

Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes host regular themed quizzes online that are free to enter - but organisers encourage people to donate around £5 to if they can afford to. Upcoming brainteasers include:

- Precious - a Lord of The Rings themed quiz at 6pm tonight (March 30).- Ohh, what’s occurrin’? - a Gavin and Stacy quiz at 6pm on Wednesday (April 1).- Galactic - a Star Wars quiz at 6pm on Friday (April 3).

Houseparty app

The Houseparty app has grown in popularity in recent weeks, and allows you to socialise and play games with friends from the comfort of your own home. Similarly to Snapchat, users have to create an account and add their friends to their “houseparty”.

Once all guests have joined, you can play against each other in a variety of games, including a trivia quiz.

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The app allows you to see your fellow players’ reactions to getting answers right and wrong in real time, and you can chat to each other while responding to the questions.

This adds an extra element of fun, with players able to mock each others’ performance and gloat when they win.

Virtual Quiz Events

One of the best places to find virtual quizzes online is, where hundreds of quizzes are organised for charity fundraisers.

Charities can easily schedule their quiz, and players can then join at their preferred time for a fee of £2.

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Contestants who come first, second, and third in each quiz win small cash prizes, and the charity takes the rest of the collected money as a donation to their cause.

Virtual Quiz Events has dozens of quizzes organised over the weekend, meaning there is no shortage of fun that can be had - all while helping a good cause when they need it most.

SpeedQuizzing Live

Initially designed as an app to help people participate in real-world pub quizzes, the makers of SpeedQuizzing have now developed a way to let users compete against each other remotely.

By downloading the free app “SQLive”, people around the world can host and play interactive online quizzes. You’ll need a reliable internet connection to join in, as well as an android device or Kindle Fire tablet to play or host the quiz.

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Your computer screen must be connected to video chat platform Zoom, so that you can see and hear other players while you compete.

Each question has a 10-second answer time limit, which is designed to prevent cheating and ramp up the excitement. The app also maintains a leaderboard, so players can track progress easily.

How many people can attend virtual pub quizzes?

Each event may have a set number of places, but in theory, there is no upper limit on the number of people who can take part in virtual quizzes.

A virtual pub quiz hosted on Thursday 26 March by Jay Flynn was joined by nearly 200,000 people across the world.

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In a post on the Facebook event, Jay said: “I am blown away with the level of interest in what started as my way of keeping the Quiz Teams that used to come along on a Thursday night entertained!”

How can I make my own quiz?

There are lots of ways to make quizzes for friends and family.

Google Forms

One of the simplest is Google Forms - a site that allows people to create free interactive forms and surveys from pre-designed templates.

By selecting the Quiz template, you can create multiple choice and true or false questions, as well as plenty of other kinds of brainteasers too. It can even be set up to give competitors their final score at the end, and can be shared with as many people as you wish.

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MyQuiz allows you to create your own quiz that can be played in real time, with up to 100,000 concurrent players. Unfortunately, any game with more than 100 players costs money, but most people won’t need to invite that many guests.

The person organising the quiz can set their own questions, add images and videos, as well as parameters like the number of prize winners and an answer time limit.

When the quiz has started, players see the questions pop up on their smartphones and can click on their chosen answer. The results are totted up by MyQuiz and put onto a virtual leaderboard.