Greggs is giving away free sweet treats this Valentine’s Day - but only to certain people

Greggs is giving customers free heart-shaped jam biscuits in honour of Valentine’s Day on Friday.

While the UK recovers from Storm Ciara, the bakery giant is looking to cheer customers up before they share the weekend with their significant other.

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The Greggs Jammy Heart Biscuit, which usually costs 80p in stores, and a whole range of sweet treats will be free on Valentine’s Day - but only for certain people.

Who can get a free biscuit?

The crumbly strawberry jam biscuits are, unfortunately, only free for Vodafone customers.

They can claim a code in the VeryMe rewards app and show the staff in their nearest Greggs store to get their Valentine’s Day treat.

Alongside the Jammy Heart Biscuit, Vodafone customers can also get jam doughnuts, chocolate cookies, or Belgian buns, if they prefer.

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Vegan options

The bakery chain has been expanding its offering in recent years, including adding more options for plant-based eaters.

After months of speculation and wishful thinking, the bakery chain launched the vegan steak bake in stores across the UK on 2 January this year. The baked good features 96 layers of puff pastry and is filled with Quorn pieces, diced onions, and a gravy filling.

The release of the vegan steak bake follows the huge success of the bakery’s vegan sausage roll.

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