From Shrek to Spiderman: 5 great films to watch on TV this weekend

There's heavy rain set to fall across parts of the UK this weekend, so why not enjoy one of these great films!

From Shrek to Spiderman and everything in between, there's plenty of choice to keep everyone in the family happy.

Here's five of the best flicks on the box this weekend:

Shrek 2

Saturday June 2, 6:05pm - BBC 1

The second film in the family favourite series sees Shrek and Fiona whisked off to Far Far Away as the ogre prepares to meet the in-laws.

Expect plenty of laughs as Donkey is joined by the latest addition to the fairytale friends as Puss in Boots make his first appearance.

It's sure to please all the family and is ideal Saturday night viewing.

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

Saturday June 2, 5:20pm - ITV2

Forming part of a prequel to Lord of the Rings - the Middle Earth films have proved extremely popular.

So much so that fans are even re-creating homes from the flicks and transforming them into leisure spaces.

Martin Freeman returns in Battle of the Five Armies as the movie delivers plenty of action and intrigue - although its 15 rating means it may not be suitable for younger viewers.

But nonetheless, the third and final instalment of the Hobbit trilogy forms a fitting conclusion while perfectly teeing up the following Lord of the Rings series.

It's a must-watch for fans of the books, too!

The Amazing Spiderman

Saturday June 2, 8:00pm - ITV2

Immediately following the Hobbit is this 2012 reboot of the popular comic book hero.

Andrew Garfield takes over the mask and delivers a fine performance in a film that sees Spiderman uncover the truth behind his dead parents' past.

His new-found super powers see the action hero engage in plenty of action scenes, while the subtle romantic edge gives the flick a different dimension.

Despicable Me 2

Sunday June 3, 5:30pm - ITV2

This one is sure to please your young ones!

Gru and the gang return as the once-criminal - who has now turned his attention to fatherhood - tries to take down a criminal mastermind.

Steve Carell's lovable villain teams up with a super agent in a film that will have your youngsters transfixed throughout.

St Trinian's

Sunday June 3, 2:10pm - ITV1

It's hard to believe this cult comedy is over a decade old - but it still delivers the laughs it did upon release.

An all-star cast don their school uniforms as the rebellious pupils at St Trinian's are faced with their beloved school closing.

Plenty of hilarity ensues as the girls do their upmost to keep the school alive - so expect to be holding your sides throughout this one.