Everything you need to know about the new £5 coin - and how to get one

The coin featuring a young Queen Victoria (Photo: Royal Mint)The coin featuring a young Queen Victoria (Photo: Royal Mint)
The coin featuring a young Queen Victoria (Photo: Royal Mint)

Keen coin collectors can now get their hands on a new £5 coin minted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth.

The new coin features the head of a young Victoria, as well as images of some of the innovations iconic to the Victorian era.

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Victorian innovations

These include the telephone, the steam train and cogs to signify the industrial revolution.

The coins are available on the Royal Mint’s website and will set you back £13 for the cheapest version, in cupro-nickel.

There are also a number of more expensive options, with different designs and extras, such as presentation cases.

A £5 coin for £50,000

Top of the range is the gold version (10 centimetres in diameter) which costs an eye-watering £49,995. Only 12 of these have been made.

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The gold coin features a picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The most expensive, gold version of the coin (Photo: Royal Mint)

The £5 coins are unlikely to ever go into circulation, so unfortunately there won’t be any chance that you could strike lucky and find one given to you as change.

Queen Victoria, born on May 24 in 1819, inherited the throne just one month after she turned 18.

She then reigned for more than six decades until her death on 22 January, in 1901.

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