Erudera launches the world's first education search platform backed by AI

A new global university and study program search platform backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning,, will help students find their ideal university and study program more easily.

Through Erudera, students will be able to browse over 23,000 university profiles and more than 64,000 study programs. Registered users will also receive personalized recommendations based on their profile, academic achievements, career prospects, and personal preferences, so they can do better research, compare available options, and come to a better decision on their own.

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The CEO of Erudera, Gent Ukëhajdaraj, shared the platform's mission on the official launch: "Our mission with Erudera is to reach the students early in the research phase, match them with the right university using our platform, and guide them on this journey all the way to the end.

"We are using the latest technology on Erudera, and once we have more users and data, we will start to see the real magic behind the platform.

It's just amazing what you can achieve with artificial intelligence and machine learning if you have the key ingredients, that’s data. The future is bright for students, universities, and everyone in higher education."