7 ways to make your mum feel special on Mother's Day on a budget

Celebrating Mother's Day (photo: adobe)
Celebrating Mother's Day (photo: adobe)

Not much to spend? Still give mum a special gift

Frugal Britons have been offered seven savvy tips on how to lavish mum with love on Mother’s Day without breaking the bank.

The penny-pinching team at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk have identified seven ways to celebrate mum’s special day without spending a fortune.

Among the ideas are personal gifts like creating mum a memory book of her favourite family moments and a scrapbook of loved holiday snaps.

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    Others include home-made treats like a beauty scrub or gorgeous key ring or even creating a pampering beauty hamper for mum to enjoy.

    And some ideas are simply about giving mum time to sit back, relax and enjoy Mother’s Day without any added pressures.

    A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes.co.uk said: “The amount you could potentially spend on Mother’s Day quickly adds up. A card, bunch of flowers and a little gift won’t leave you much change out of £30.

    “What will mean more to mum is the thought that goes into a gift. So, try making something for her, creating something unique to the two of you or simply spend the day doing very little and enjoying each other’s company.”

    Here are NetVoucherCodes.co.uk’s seven tips for a budget friendly Mother’s Day:

    1. Make a homemade gift

    Make a homemafde gift for Mother's Day (photo: adobe)

    If you’re strapped for cash this Mother’s Day, why not make your mum a homemade gift? Some ideas include a homemade hand cream, sugar scrub, candle or key ring.

    2. Create a beauty hamper

    Create a beauty hamper for mum on Mother's Day (photo: adobe)

    Reuse a basket and fill it with affordable beauty products that you’ll know she’ll love. If you’re feeling really strapped for cash, you could include some samples from beauty counters. Decorate the basket with a beautiful ribbon and you have a gorgeous gift.

    3. Family photos

    Fill a scrapbook with family photos for an alternative Mother's Day gift (photo: adobe)

    Fill a scrapbook up with lots of images from family holidays, events and occasions. This idea is both affordable and beautiful and something mum will treasure. If you want to go a little further, buy some cheap frames and help create a beautiful photo wall.

    4. Give her car a clean

    Give mum's car a personal valet both inside and out (photo: adobe)

    Set aside an hour or so, depending on how grubby it is, and give mum’s car a personal valet both inside and out. If you can manage to do it in secret, even better.

    5. Write her a cheque

    If you're strapped for cash, why not write your mum an I owe you in the form of a personalised cheque? (photo: adobe)

    If you’re strapped for cash, why not write your mum an ‘I owe you’ in the form of a personalised cheque? This could be for a home cooked meal of her choice, you doing the chores or even something a little more active like a yoga class.

    6. Cook her dinner

    Cook your mum dinner this Mother's Day (photo: adobe)

    If you’re planning on taking your mother out this Mother’s Day, why not save a bit of cash and cook her a meal instead? Pick her favourite starter, main and dessert dishes and whip up something you know she’ll love. Why not invite the rest of the family along for a really special meal?

    7. Memory book

    Create a memory book for mum with family memories (photo: adobe)

    Everyone has favourite family memories that are talked about long after the event. Ask family members to write them down and create a memory book for mum. She will love this personal gift.