10 tweets that prove Northerners are nailing Snowmageddon

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st March 2018, 12:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 12:42 pm

From the moment Piers Morgan expressed astonishment that a Wakefield man would brave wintry conditions in shorts, it seems Northern England has been having to show the South just how to deal with the current onslaught of snow.

With The Beast From The East having drowned Britain in the white stuff, and Storm Emma on its way, Northerners are taking to Twitter to show their Southern counterparts how it's done.

Here are some of the funniest examples.

It may not have been when the storm hit proper, but workers at Manchester Airport started as they meant to go on earlier this week:

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    Love how the guy de-icing planes at @manairport is wearing SHORTS! 😎#Northerners #BeastFromTheEast pic.twitter.com/wwVnGV8XEr

    β€” Adam Green (@Adam9Green) February 27, 2018

    Once the snow actually hit, these two Yorkshiremen decided to have a veritable Hawaiian pool party outside:

    β€” Everybodys (@EverybodysSoc) February 28, 2018

    And they were also firing up the al fresco grills in Leeds.

    Love me some bacon on the BBQ on a morning! #beastfromtheast #northerners #Leeds pic.twitter.com/BzKlXwT7a3

    β€” Darryl briggs (@Darrylbriggs9) February 28, 2018

    You have to get your priorities straight.

    Northerners (not me) pic.twitter.com/uPXjv48c6W

    β€” Wholesomishwoman (@MLCwoman) February 28, 2018

    Visiting London? It's the drink prices that rankle. Not the Beast From The East.

    We need to have words London! Β£8 for 1 single Gin and Tonic.... it’s tiny as well. Thought, as a northerner, I could not come to London and not complain at least once about the price! πŸ˜‚ loving London ❀️ currently in Hackney pic.twitter.com/8YabUsJvgB

    β€” Mark Nye (@MarkNye4) February 28, 2018

    The police have been leading by example.

    Weather warnings? Minus temperatures? Nah...we're northerners! Foot patrol around St Mary's, Prestwich with our big coats on. pic.twitter.com/FbD7qQVq0Z

    β€” GMP Prestwich (@GMPPrestwich) February 28, 2018

    As have Sheffield's finest posties:

    Thank you to our @RoyalMail postman, showing the world how we do it in Sheffield! My hero! #shortsweather #uksnow pic.twitter.com/KovQLCSLAW

    β€” Helen (@HelenRW) March 1, 2018

    A lesson in how the North-East handles it when it gets a bit chilly, courtesy of Vic and Bob...

    Dear Southerners, stop ya whinging about the day of cold weather and watch this https://t.co/hwCoJ9jpPi #northerners

    β€” Jay Martin (@cptjamesmartin) February 28, 2018

    ...and a trip down memory lane in Durham:

    Good call - my son is very happy! But this was the scene outside my school in Durham, Feb 1978... Never closed. Tough lot us northerners πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pic.twitter.com/sfbTcISgju

    β€” Penny Allison (@Penny_Allison) March 1, 2018

    We have a sneaking suspicion this may have been photo-shopped, though...

    A washing day, is a washing day and a bit of #snow won't stop us #northerners hanging the smalls out #Snowmageddon #BeastFromTheEast #UKWeather #Winter #alanwhickers pic.twitter.com/2aDCstxWJf

    β€” Glenn Pinder 🎧 (@GlennFPinder) February 28, 2018

    (Yes, it happened in Iceland...)