Work vans being targeted at Spiceball car park

At least three vans containing expensive work equipment have recently been targeted whilst parked in the Spiceball car park.

Yesterday, Sunday, January 6, a van containing thousands of pounds of tradesmen tools had its lock smashed and boxes of tools stolen.

This is the third such targeted theft in recent weeks.

The victim was taking his children swimming while the theft occurred at around 1pm.

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The van was parked in the Spiceball North car park close to the canal. Upon returning to his work van the victim found the rear door lock broken and boxes that he used to contain his tools strewn in the canal.

The victim is urging other tradesmen who use their vehicles for recreational use to be cautious if using the Spiceball Park Road car parks.

Anybody who saw something suspicious or has been offered power tools way below market value should call Banbury Police on 101.

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