Woolworths: Closing-down sale begins

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HUNDREDS of bargain hunters descended on Banbury's Woolworths branch today (Thursday) as the store began its closing-down sale.

But as shoppers made the most of the discounted goods at the Castle Quay shop, workers said they were still in the dark about whether they would be in a job by the new year.

One worker who wished to remain anonymous said they had no idea if the store would close, adding: "It is very emotional for us. People are trying to keep our spirits up but what can you say. There are people in there that have been working here for 30 years.

"We don't even know what is happening ourselves, we are finding out what is happening from the news."

Another said: "No-one knows what is happening with the store. As far as we are concerned, it is trading until further notice.

"We have to stay positive."

Woolworths, which went into administration in November, owes about 385m and is holding closing down sales in all its 813 shops.

Administrator Deloitte says some branches could close by Christmas if no-one can be found to buy the business.

Jo Melvin, whose children go to school in Banbury, was among the shoppers looking for bargains in the Caste Quay branch.

She said: "What is happening at the store is very tragic. I feel a bit like we are vultures going in now. Maybe we should have supported it in the first place."

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