Women better than men at recycling?

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JPNS-18-08-12-006 recycling glass bottles ENGPPP00120120817111602

Women are more likely to recycle electrical items than men according to a survey by Cherwell District Council.

But the survey has also shown both men and women support blue bin recycling.

The annual survey asks residents to answer multiple choice questions to find out more about their waste and recycling habits.

Of the 400 people who took part, 93 per cent said they filled their blue bin by collection day while a further 27 per cent said it took a month to fill their green bin.

When it came to recycling small electrical items or batteries using kerbside collection, 47 per cent of women said they did this compared to 36 per cent of men.

Andrew Jenkins, Cherwell’s recycling officer, said: “These surveys are a great way to find out from residents what is working, what isn’t and what we can do to improve things. Over 80 per cent of household waste can now be recycled either through blue or brown bins, kerbside collections or bring banks as we strive to keep as much rubbish out of the green bin as possible.

“Recycling doesn’t just benefit the environment but also taxpayers’ pockets as it costs Cherwell money to dispose of rubbish from the green bin whereas we are paid for the contents of the blue bins. This money is then put back into our waste and recycling service, helping the council to keep costs down and freezing our share of council tax bills to residents.”

The results of the survey will be used by the team to provide advice and assistance to residents across areas where there is confusion about recycling or to promote underperforming areas, such as food waste which one third of respondents failed to recycle in the brown bin.

For more information on recycling visit www.cherwell.gov.uk/recycling