Woman says ‘thank you’ to Culworth pair who stopped attack

Garry Penn (left) and Greg Penn from Culworth. NNL-160410-145359009
Garry Penn (left) and Greg Penn from Culworth. NNL-160410-145359009

A father and son who stepped in to help a woman who was being attacked by her former partner said they would help anyone in distress.

Garry and Greg Penn, of Culworth, who run a business delivering wholesale fruit and vegetables, were just outside Brackley, near the Welsh Lane turning in April, when they saw a woman being shouted at by a man in a lay-by.

Speaking to the Banbury Guardian, Garry, 48, said: “We were driving up the road and saw a car pulled over on the side with a van pulled alongside stopping the car from going anywhere.

“We saw a young man who was shouting at a young lady in her car.

“My son was with me and said, ‘What should we do?’

“We got out and took the keys from the man’s van and went straight to the young lady. Greg ended up tussling with the man who had been attacking the lady.

“He tried to make a getaway and the young lady was shouting, ‘my boy’.”

After the man left on foot down the road an off-duty police officer came by. The man was arrested and was later charged with two counts of assault. He received a community order with 200 hours unpaid work.

A restraining order was granted against him and he was ordered to pay compensation, costs to the CPS and a victim surcharge.

Garry said: “Our main concern was for the lady and the child who turned out to be hiding in the footwell of the car, he was so scared.”

He added: “We are not the sort of people who would put up with a young lady dealing with this situation.

“We stopped what was going on, there are many people who would just look the other way.

“I have a daughter. If it was happening to her, I would expect someone to do the same.”

The woman they helped, who did not want to be named, said: “I want to thank Garry and Greg for helping me that day.

“They were the only ones to stop and help me. I was frightened for my life. They have been there for me all the way through. I can’t thank them enough.”