Watch: 100 year old Bentley engine is fired up

The famous car marque celebrate's its centenary this year and to mark the occasion Bentley drivers from around the world descended on the Wroxton based Bentley Owners Club.

Bentley owners in cars from the 1920s through to the present day took a well earned break from their UK long tour for refreshments and to see a restored 3.0 litre Bentley engine from 1919 roar back into life.

Peter Heydon with his rare Brooklands model

Peter Heydon with his rare Brooklands model

Among the onlookers was Peter Heydon who had traveled from Florida with his very rare Bentley to join in the celebration tour.

Peter said: "This is the Brooklands automobile which they made in 2008, just one year. It was really the predecessor car and an experimental car for the Mulsanne, which is the current model.

"It's the same platform, the same motor, the only difference is the Mulsanne is a four door and this is a two door coupe. They were supposed to make 500 but it was a bad year and I think they made fewer than 310.

"I've brought it over twice now. I borough it over in 2011 for a rally with the club, that was the 75th anniversary of the Bentley Drivers Club and this is the centenary of W.L. Bentley's first automobile."

Peter's car was not the only one to come from far a field as Swiss owner Thomas Henne had brought his significantly older model.

Thomas said: "Its from 1927, it's a four and a half litre. It used to be a four door saloon until the 1950s then it got a new body.

"There was no problem she's doing well. People always ask what happens when it breaks down and I say that these cars are so old all the weak parts have been replaced."

The 19 strong group headed south and will have a lunch at the Tower of London as the tour progresses.