Warriner School mock-election generates interesting results


Pupils at the Warriner School in Bloxham conducted a mock general election and the results show clear differences from current opinion poll data.

For the past two days 16, 17 and 18-year-old students, the majority of which will be unable to vote in tomorrow’s election, have been listening to debates from the major candidate parties, holding hustings and casting their votes.

Student candidates from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green party and UKIP presented their manifesto to the student electorate and took questions from the audience during the hustings.

The mock election took place today with 80 students casting their votes.

The results are as follows;

Conservatives - 12

Green - 17

Lib Dem - 5

Labour - 33

UKIP - 10

Spoilt ballots - 3

The results of the teenage votes are in stark contrast to political forecasts for tomorrow’s general election.

Tamara Moon, a sixth form student at the Warriner, said; “As a sixth form, we feel it is vital that our voices are heard and whilst most of us are not able to vote in the election this Thursday, these results give a flavour of the views of today’s young people.

“As you can see, there is a remarkable difference between these results and how the polls are suggesting the country will vote tomorrow.”

You will be able to follow the results for the Banbury constituency live on the Banbury Guardian website from 10pm onwards tomorrow evening.