Warning over sale of razor sharp fidget spinners

Evil web vendors are cashing in on the biggest craze of 2017 by selling metal fidget spinners - with razor-sharp edges.
Fidget spinners are all the rage at the momentFidget spinners are all the rage at the moment
Fidget spinners are all the rage at the moment

Thousands of the bladed metal ‘toys’, that contain bearings to make them spin, have already been sold on auction website ebay - for as little as £2.60.

The boss of one of Britain’s biggest toy companies has blasted the dangerous loophole that allows unregulated ‘toys’ being sold in Britain.

Every toy sold in shops has to pass stringent regulations, known as the British Standard for toy safety.

But the web-retail loophole means potentially lethal objects, like sharpened fidget spinners, can make their way into the hands of children.

The sharpened fidget spinners being sold on eBay under a variety of names.

One of the most lethal-looking designs is marketed as “Naruto Razor Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Game” - and has three blades that flick out when the device spins.

Normal fidget spinners are round, plastic devices that were designed to aid concentration.

Since they first appeared on the shelves earlier this year, they have taken off massively and many schools have already banned them because they were too distracting for the kids.

Martin Grossman, MD of toy company H Grossman Ltd, has cornered the market for safe, regulated fidget spinners.

He said: “Selling these products as toys is an absolute disgrace in my opinion.

“These companies are based in the Philippines and selling these dangerous items as toys.

“They would never pass British Standard for toy safety standards.

“This is one of the major problems with selling sites like eBay.

“They list products which would never pass our legislation.

“It’s about time the government closed this dangerous trading loophole which allows other countries to bypass our stringent toy safety legislation.”

Ebay have vowed to remove all the dangerous spinners from their website.

A spokesperson said: “We are already working with our Prohibited Items team on this.

“Anything sharp or pointed like the items in question will be removed.

“We are doing this at the moment.”

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