Waiting game pays off for patient novelist

Chris Jory NNL-150904-100432001
Chris Jory NNL-150904-100432001

You could say author Christopher Jory’s second novel, The Art of Waiting, is aptly named as his book is about to be published 15 years after he was inspired to write it.

His novel is a tale of love, revenge and survival against the odds, set in Venice and Russia during the Second World War.

Christopher, who lives in Chipping Norton, first got the idea for the book when he came across a quotation, which begins with the words: ‘Life means love. We are here for love...’.

He said: “The starting point, or the spark, was this quote by the Ukrainian artist Georgi Litichevsky which I had found in a book in Oxford library. That was way back in the year 2000.

“I wanted to write a novel that reflected what the quote was expressing about love and the role of love in life.

“Around the same time I was rekindling an interest in the Second World War and then I met my wife, Lioudmila, who is Russian and was living in Italy. This influenced me to set the book in Italy and Russia.

“As I have to fit my writing around the day job, I didn’t actually start working on the novel until 2003. I got a draft ready, sent it to a few agents but they all rejected it.

“I put it to one side, then redrafted it, and tried again but got more rejections.”

Chris, who works full-time as a publisher for Cambridge University Press, then turned his attention to another project.

This became his first novel, Lost in the Flames, published in 2011, which is a moving account of RAF Bomber Command airmen and their families.

“You could say the book has been a kind of waiting game. I’m really looking forward to the launch.”

Christopher Jory, author of The Art of Waiting

On the back of this book, Chris found an agent and then a publisher for The Art of Waiting, the launch of which is being held at Jaffe and Neale Bookshop in Chipping Norton on Thursday, April 16, from 6pm to 8pm.

“You could say the book has been a kind of waiting game,” added Christopher. “I’m really looking forward to the launch.

“And I’m already thinking about my third novel – but I haven’t started writing it yet.”

The Art of Waiting, published by Polygon, costs £12.99.