Voters warned of being taken off register

Banburyshire residents are being warned that if they haven't updated their details soon, they will be removed from the electoral register.

Polling station
Polling station

Residents who haven’t responded to final reminders issued in December to update their electoral registration details are being sent letters warning them of the consequences .

Under the national Individual Electoral Registration guidelines, the shared elections team at South Northamptonshire and Cherwell District Councils is required to undertake an annual review of elector details.

James Doble, deputy electoral registration officer, said: “We have a duty as a council to conduct an annual canvass in order to maintain an up-to-date register of electors and ensure that all individuals in a household who are eligible to vote are registered to do so.

“It is a legal requirement for all households to respond to the canvass by returning a completed Household Enquiry Form or confirming registration details using one of the electronic registration methods.

“If a household does not respond, we use every effort to seek further clarification regarding the electors at the property.

“In December, we issued final reminders asking those who had not responded to contact us. Those who have failed to notify us will be removed from the electoral register with immediate effect.”

Even though it is not a legal requirement to vote in elections, it is a legal requirement for residents to submit up-to-date information as the register is also used to perform credit checks and jury service selection.