Villagers vent fury at planning proposals

MHBG-22-03-12 Keith Mitchell'Cllr Keith Mitchell
MHBG-22-03-12 Keith Mitchell'Cllr Keith Mitchell

BLOXHAM village is mounting a mass revolt against plans to build more homes.

More than 400 people packed St Mary’s Church last Thursday to hear how each household can oppose efforts by speculative developers to make huge profits out of building 130 more homes.

Applications have been lodged with Cherwell District Council for consent to build 75 houses off Barford Road and 85 off Milton Road.

In addition a third approach has been made to the council about construction of a further 55 houses off Quarry Close.

Bloxham Parish Council’s concerned members leafleted the village calling the public meeting to discuss unified opposition by as many people as possible.

Local county council representative Cllr Keith Mitchell said on his website: “The result was a meeting of several hundred angry people who do not want to see more estates like the ones on the Milton Road that do nothing for the village and add to the pressure on schools, doctors, water and sewage services and add to the already congested road network.” Residents at last week’s meeting were given full information about the plans.

And to help them articulate their disapproval officially, prepared lists of points of objection and template letters have been made available to householders as part of the group protest against further development.

The main points include:

l Bloxham has already taken 203 new homes since 2006

l The primary school has no room for expansion

l The Warriner School and local playgroups are already full

l GP lists are at capacity

l The High Street around the village shops suffers congestion

l The village infrastructure cannot cope with more demands on water with low pressure a regular occurrence and recurrent sewage overflow a common problem.

Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry, who lives in Bloxham, has advised the parish council to form a Neighbourhood Plan to help influence planning issues.

“It may well be Bloxham concludes that given the very considerable amount of new housing in recent years, the village wishes to have time to consolidate before having any further housing. It might conclude there may be the possibility of identifying some sites for new affordable housing for people specifically with local connections,” he said.

“It is far more sensible for the housing numbers for villages to be met by villages volunteering to take numbers of new houses for their village, rather than housing numbers being imposed upon them.”