Victoria Prentis is re-elected as Banbury MP

The candidates for Banbury MP await the final results NNL-170906-045147001
The candidates for Banbury MP await the final results NNL-170906-045147001

Despite a surge from Labour, Banbury voted in its masses and re-elected Victoria Prentis as its MP.

As the Tories were reeling across the country, Banbury voters kept a centurylong tradition alive and voted for the Conservative candidate.

The turnout was high, 71.54 percent up from the 2015 total of 65.84 percent.

Of the six standing candidates it was only the Labour candidate, Shaun Woodcock who had any realistic chance of unseating the incumbent.

The Labour share of the vote increased, pulling in a total of 20,989, a significant increase from 2015’s 12,354.

Victoria Prentis too increased her total votes, from 30,749 in 2015 to 33,388 this time.

In her acceptance speech Mrs Prentis said: “Thank you everybody so much, I just have a few words to say.

“Firstly to thank James (Doble, deputy returning officer) and Ian Davies (front of house manager) who supervised this evening and night.

“I’d like to thank all the people that counted and all the people that sat in polling stations all day. It’s been a long and trying night but you’re nearly in your beds now. Thank you.

“And also in this election in particular we need to thank the police who provided extra security for polling stations and this evening and who have been unfailingly faithful and cheerful throughout the election period so our great thanks to them.

“It has been a difficult time for those on the front lines of elections so James and all the people here and are at increased risk and I think they know it. So thank you for putting yourself out there and continuing the democratic process, we appreciate it.

“I also need to thank the other candidates for a clean fight locally. We work together in between parliaments in particular the Labour party candidate and I on the cross-party Horton campaign.

“And finally my thanks go to Illana, the pocket rocket as she’s known, and all her team who have worked so hard to ensure this Conservative victory locally.

“We’ve definitely got challenges ahead as a country. Firstly we have an enormous problem with Islamic extremism. Both locally and nationally we need to tackle that wherever we find it and I think that is going to be a real challenge for us going forward over the next few years.

“We also have to, in eleven days, start the Brexit negotiations so whatever the outcome nationally this evening we need to get behind whoever is leading those and make sure we do the best for Britain.

“Of course locally we have a big challenge which is to save the Horton General Hospital which I very much hope going forward we can all work together to do.

“So thank you very much for electing me. It is an enormous privilege to serve the area where I’ve always lived and which I love and to do so on a huge turnout such as the one Banbury has had this evening is a really great privilge and I;m very grateful. Thank you.”

The results in full are:

Dickie Bird UKip - 1581

Roseanne Edwards - independent - 927

John Howson - Lib Dem - 3452

Ian Middleton - Green - 1225

Victoria Prentis - Conservative - 33,388

Sean Woodcock - Labour - 20,989